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A Family-Oriented and Cause-Driven Company

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About Us

Established in March 2020

UA’S Apparels is owned by husband and wife James Bolden Sr and Victoria Bolden. The business was inspired by their nonprofit organization, which is called Unsung Angels. To further support the mission of Unsung Angels, UA’S Apparels sells merchandise while promoting initiatives for the youth. We cater to customers in St. Louis, Missouri and throughout the USA.

Meet James Bolden Sr

James grew up facing many challenges in life, but he has endured. He has four sons and was also gifted with a three beautiful daughter's, Jamyla. In 2015, a most unfortunate event changed James’ and his entire family’s life: Jamyla passed away, a victim of gun violence.

To honor his daughter’s memory and to mentor children who have been exposed to gun violence and other forms of violence, Unsung Angels was born. James is joined by his wife Victoria in leading and operating the foundation.

Running Unsung Angels gave James and Victoria the idea of starting a fashion business that will improve lifestyles and increase people’s confidence while advancing the cause of their nonprofit organization. The goal is to ensure that the nonprofit and the company continuously work hand in hand to achieve both organization’s goals, with an emphasis on philanthropy and community work.

Meet Victoria Bolden

Victoria has helped James mentally and spiritually after Jamyla’s passing. Victoria is also his partner in operating Unsung Angels.

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